Formerly The Ragsdale Inn

The Ragsdale Inn was built in 1905 by Col. Andrew Jackson Camp. Col A.J. Camp was born in Randolph County, Alabama, on July 3, 1855. He grew up in Alabama and Heard County, Georgia, but by 1880 had moved to Carroll County where he was teaching school. In 1897, he married Mary Elizabeth Hamrick. He practiced law in Carroll County and later served as Mayor of Villa Rica from 1886-87.

Col Camp was elected Mayor

Col Camp was elected Mayor of Dallas from 1894-95, he also served as City Clerk in Dallas from 1898-99. Residing on Hardee Street Camp purchased 25 acres from Roland Russom for $1000. Construction started on the Camp-Ragsdale House on January 19, completed on April 13, 1905.

On December 18, 1918

On December 18, 1918 the Camps sold their house to Sanders Walker Ragsdale. Col S. W. Ragsdale was a lawyer and served as Paulding County's representative in the Georgia General Assembly from 1911-12.

After Col. Ragsdales tragic death in 1939

After Col. Ragsdales tragic death in 1939 the house was sold to his eldest son, Howell Ragsdale. Howell Ragsdale was married to Ola Hitchcock, a local school teacher, who resided in the house until 1999, the house was sold in 2001.

The Ragsdale Inn underwent full restoration in 2002.

The Ragsdale Inn underwent full restoration in 2002. The house was named in honor of the Ragsdale's who resided here for nearly 100 years.

History courtesy of

History courtesy of Jason Lee Edwards, local historian.

New Owners

We are excited to announce the new ownership of this amazing piece of history. With the previous owner's retirement, Michael Vigdorov purchased this historic property. His goal is to continue the legacy of the Inn as an open door to all; as well as bring in a few new and amazing features. Michael is a Marietta local who is excited to bring his experience to this new adventure.

The Ragsdale Inn was built in 1905 and was purchased by the Ragsdale family in 1918. This historic home was in the Ragsdale family until 1999 and underwent a full restoration in 2002 when it was purchased by the last owner of the home. It was named the Ragsdale Inn in 2002 in honor of the Ragsdale family who lived there for over 100 years. With the new name, VENUE 1905, we want to keep the history but grow and evolve as the City of Dallas has grown and evolved.

We strive to be a part of the community with an on site Venue Manager as well being the perfect place for community events and locals to tie the knot. If you are looking for the perfect place for your  wedding or event, look no further.

2021 The Ragsdale Rebranded

In 2021 the Ragsdale Inn was purchased by Michael Vigdorov. While the changes are in process, this beautiful home has been updated to bring you a wedding venue that is designed to embrace the minimalist wedding to the full princess wedding and everything in-between. We are keeping the classic history of this Victorian home, and developing its new future along with yours. We can't wait for you to come in and see the changes for yourself. 

VENUE 1905

In 2022  the Ragsdale Inn is becoming it's new glory. With a change in the name that focuses more on the venue itself, we are giving the community of Dallas, Georgia a venue with a past and a future. We welcome you to come meet the host, and find out more about this wonderful venue. In honor of the Ragsdale family developing this building in 1905, we wanted to keep that part of the name. So that we could combine the history with the future we have decided to bring to you VENUE 1905.

Wedding Invitations at The Ragsdale Inn