In an effort to be fully transparent we would like to make our preferred vendors statement here.

We have preferred vendors that we would like to introduce you to.

Please keep in mind that with the use of a preferred vendor comes the added benefit that they know our event space as well as the expectations here. We will work with outside vendors, however we reserve the right to add an additional deposit based on previous interactions, reviews, or knowledge of the contractor.

If you bring your own contractor in, we will require their insurance information be on file in our office more than 30 days prior to your event.

Our preferred vendors have a working agreement with us. Therefore, if you use our vendors, there may be an exchange of costs previously negotiated. This cost is not available to be altered in any way.

We host 2 options for each service. However, we may have other options available if you ask. Not all of our vendor categories are listed here, just our most frequently used ones. Since the list can change regularly, we keep a current copy on hand.




Cleaning Services



Hair and Makeup Artists






Full and a la carte wedding packages available. Please contact us at for more pricing information.